How Uship, U-Pack, and PODS Have Affected the Freight Trucking Business

If you moved to a new location before the 21st century, you probably hired a freight truck to move your belongings. Traditional moving trucks were the standard option for most commercial and residential moves. Nowadays, you have several transport options. Mobile storage containers are an important part of the moving industry. Making a long distance move is just plain hard, no matter which route you end up taking. Now, at least consumers have a few more additional options than the “old fashioned” moving company.

Mobile Storage Containers Are Convenient

You can move when you are ready. Unlike a traditional moving truck, the storage container does not have to be returned immediately. If your new home is not ready, you do not have to search for a storage unit. Your items can stay in the container for several weeks, so you only have to load and unload the container one time.

The Ease of Unpacking a Mobile Storage Container

Portable moving containers are easy to load and unload. When you rent a traditional moving truck, you usually have to pull your belongings up a ramp. Mobile storage containers are on the ground, so you do not have to deal with any ramps or stairs. This important factor lowers the risk of you injuring yourself when you are moving heavy items.

You Do Not Have To Race the Clock

Time is on your side when you rent a mobile storage container. The mobile storage company will deliver the container to your home. If you have to change your plans, you do not have to pay extra fees for keeping the storage container a few more days. You also do not have to drive a large truck in heavy traffic.

A Fixed Fee Schedule

Most traditional moving companies have a variable fee schedule. Portable storage containers are an inexpensive alternative. Portable storage container companies have a fixed fee schedule. If your friends and family will help you move your household items, you will not have to worry about any additional fees. Most portable storage companies offer professional moving services for a nominal fee.

Safe and Efficient Delivery

Your items will not be tossed around during the moving process. Moving container storage companies use a specialized lift system. The lift system keeps items secured.

National and International Relocation Options

Do you need to move your belongings to another continent? Most traditional moving companies cannot transport your belongings to another country. Some portable storage companies can assist you with international relocation.

Greater Security and Peace of Mind

Portable storage containers offer greater security. You are the only person with a key to your storage unit. The portable storage containers are dropped off at your new home, and you can open the unit when you are ready to start unpacking your belongings.

Portable storage containers are changing the logistics of moving. For many people, traditional moving trucks are still a great option. However, portable storage containers are perfect for most residential moves.

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